China Industry Development Forum

Nov. 16, 2023 Wanda Reign Wuhan

As China’s economy enters a new era of high-quality development, with industrial digital innovation and transformation accelerating, the series of actions and policies initiated by our government have paved the way for significant results. These include the value creation resulting from government-led programs like “benchmarking world-class enterprises” and the 10th anniversary of the “belt and road” initiatives. With profound changes already affecting the global construction and engineering business environment, the industry is likely to witness more intensive competition; consolidation of the value chain; and an increasing demand for integrated project lifecycle management and full lifecycle services. This new era will also be characterized by digital transformation, decarbonization, data standardization, and technology and industry convergence.

Driven by transformative digital technologies and trends, RIB is committed to propelling the industry forward and making engineering and construction more efficient and sustainable. Throughout our 60-year history, our business has expanded its global footprint to about 100 countries and regions. Closer to home in the greater China region, RIB team combine their local, industry-specific expertise with our global advantage to provide innovative software solutions to the greater China market. With 9 out of the top 10 International Contractors choosing RIB*, we believe our portfolio of software solutions has proven that it is perfectly positioned to elevate the efficiency, resiliency and sustainability of businesses that span the petrochemical, power energy, infrastructure, and construction engineering sectors.

Join us for the RIB UNITE China Industry Development Forum – a live event dedicated to propelling the China engineering and construction industry forward with a focus on capitalizing on new opportunities, in a new era. Taking place on Nov. 16th in Wuhan, China, this year’s event, centered around our theme “Let’s Build Better with New Insights and New Technologies”, will address a range of important industry topics covering the challenges, opportunities, trends and technology that will shape the future of the engineering and construction sector. Throughout the agenda, we’ll share global success stories, unveil our latest product offerings and provide a hands-on look into our portfolio of innovative technology solutions.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at the RIB UNITE China Industry Development Forum 2023.

See you there!


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Tony Xiong

SVP Strategy & Business Development

Schneider Electric China

Andrew Skudder

Chief Revenue Officer

RIB Group

Dr. Rolf Helmes

Chief Product Officer

RIB Group

Li Jiangfeng

Assistant General Manager

China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd.

Gao Yong

Information Director

MHome Group

Zhou Zilu

General Manager of Technology and Design Management Department

China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

Wang Xiaogang

General Manager of Information Technology Department of Jinan Design Institute

China Railway Engineering Design and Consulting Group Co., Ltd.

Liang Weimin

Technical Director of Information Center

Wison Engineering (China) Co., Ltd.

Vice Managing Director

Expert Committee of Engineering Materials and Equipment Working Committee of China Construction Enterprise Management Association

Sun Bin

Deputy Chief Engineer

China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd.

Yuan Dayao

Deputy Director of the Project Control Department

China Wuhan Engineering Co., Ltd

Yan Yiran

EPC General Manager

China National Pharmaceutical Group United Engineering Co., Ltd

Wei Yubo

Deputy Director of the Design Management Department

Chengdu Building Materials Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd

Zhou Xiaorong

Secretary of the Party Branch of the Technology and Information Department

Sinopec Nanjing Engineering Co., Ltd.

Liu Yang

Director of the Digital Research Institute

China Railway Fifth Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd.

Li Xiuhui

Project Director of the Product and Customer Research Center

Yuexiu Property Company Limited

Robbie Holmes

Quality Systems Manager

Acciona Geotech Group Services Pty Ltd Australia and New Zealand

Tan Yuan

President of Product Standard Research Institute Mhome Housing Intelligent Manufacturing (Group)

BMhome Group

Johnson Yang

Chief Consultant of Engineering Digitalization

RIB Group

Wang Shumin


China International Engineering Consulting Association

Rong Shili

Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary-General

China Petroleum and Chemical Survey and Design Association

Qi Fuhai

Vice Chairman

China Petroleum and Chemical Survey and Design Association

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Keynote address


Lunch/Hands-on solution experience


Keynote address


Panel Discussion: Construction Sector Spotlight


Panel Discussion: Engineering Sector Spotlight


Industry Ecology Cooperation


Gala dinner

Keynote Speech

Strategic Thinking

  • Government policy and coping strategies in a new era
  • Digital transformation and shaping industry competitiveness
  • Best-in-class benchmarking and improved enterprise project management
  • Data-driven innovation and improved value creation
  • Opportunities and trends in green and low carbon engineering and construction

Cutting Edge Technology

  • RIB 4.0 Integrated Construction Cloud Platform showcase
  • 6D BIM driving sustainability in engineering and construction

Industry Coverage

Successful cases in the petrochemical, power energy, infrastructure, and construction engineering sectors

Global Success Cases

In-depth sharing of RIB’s global leading customers’ success stories

Industry Development Panel Discussion

Industry transformation in a new era

The revolution in E&C industry in the new era of digital intelligence

Industry transformation in a new era

Digital transformation and sustainability of engineering and construction industry

Industry transformation in a new era

Opportunities and challenges of international engineering projects

Best-in-class benchmarking
and project management

Digital transformation of engineering companies – quality beyond quantity

Best-in-class benchmarking
and project management

The end-to-end management and control of EPC engineering projects

Best-in-class benchmarking
and project management

The integration of business and IT in engineering companies

Win-Win Cooperation of the Industry Ecosystem

By gathering global resources and integrating the strength of experts from all walks of life including government, production, learning, research and application, the Industry Development Expert Committee Collaboration Group will be established to promote the convergence and innovation of the engineering and construction industries.

RIB 4.0 Technology Hands-on

Gain hands-on experience of our RIB 4.0 solution – a leading integrated project management solution that connects people, processes and data, all in one platform.